Beatrix: A Malicious Code Analysis Framework
(build on Eclipse 3.3+)

Beatrix: A Malicious Code Analysis Framework 0.1

Beatrix Module development service! If you like the idea of intergrating your approach in Beatrix, but don't want to bother with implementing a module on your own (time issues, maintenance, etc.): the Beatrix Team will do it for you. Just send a request to the address mentioned below. Also approaches which are not considered to be the most recent anymore are highly welcome.
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I'm going to USENIX Security '09
USENIX Security '09: abstract, poster
For all who came here with certain expectations, but Beatrix fell short: please tell me why. If there is something you are missing support for: tell me! I'll be happy to fix any bugs or resolve other kinds of problems you report!
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Signature demo:
- Beatrix 0.1
- Beatrix 0.2.x

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